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  • La Mixteca covers 23% of the municipalities of Oaxaca.

  • Of the population that lives in Mixteca, 16.38% are illiterate and 38.5% of people over 15 years of age do not finish primary school.

  • In Mixteca, 46 municipalities are classified as very high marginalized and 48 as highly marginalized, which makes up 60% of the municipalities in Mixteca.

  • Which contributes to having 30% of the municipalities with very high migration rates.

  • For these reasons our work focuses on the Mixteca.

Principles on which our Development Model is based

The person is the center of our work because:

  1. We believe in your dignity as people.

  2. In his transcendent destiny.

  3. In her ability to succeed on her own.


  • We accompany her.

  • We advise.

  • We encourage you in your own decisions.

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